Welcome to Predicting Biodiversity with Generalized Joint Attribute Models (PBGJAM)

PBGJAM is an interactive web-based tool that provides forecasts of species and community responses to climate change for birds, plants, small mammals, and insects.

Select the options to the right, to start modeling community attributes for your taxa of interest. Then select run model.

Or explore the biodiversity and environmental data used by PBGJAM, by clicking on the biodiversity/environmental data tab (above).

This app is under construction. Currently, we are only showing a subset of outputs/inputs to test hosting options & interfaces. Maps may not display under certain firewall settings; however, we are working on a solution to fix this.

To add biodiversity data, hover over the icon on the top right

To add environmental data, select a dataset and date (if applicable) and click "Add".

Data explorer

Maps are preliminary. We are currently performing variable selection and accuracy assessments.

Model outputs

Data explorer

Model Accuracy in- and out-of-sample
Mean posterior estimates
Variable Importance
Cluster species into comunities
Sensitivity of predictors compared to mean posterior estimates